Walks and experiencies

Our Wine Tours


Are you ready to live Cordoba in a different way?

Exploring, traveling, tasting, learning and sharing are the verbs we like to conjugate in CWT. Our walks are experiences that fuse beautiful landscapes and excellent cuisine. An invitation to discover the world of wine in Córdoba by the hand of wineries that are rewriting the history of wine in our province.

We love wine because it is
history, culture, encounter,
lifestyle, passion and
dedication. It is years of
work and dedication that
are expressed in aromas
and unique flavors.

Wine tasting

We invite you to a full day tour visiting small wineries and vineyards boutiques that are achieving high quality wines in limited editions. A sensory trip discovering the aromas and flavors of Córdoba.

"A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth; It is new in each sip and, as with movies, it is born and reborn in each flavor. " Federico Fellini